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Why Consider Us?

We do things a bit different around here to make sure we provide options that fit your budget.  By offering hourly contract options, we are able to help more brands grow within their means.  If you want more control of how much you spend each month growing your Amazon business, I think we'll be a great fit.

Email to schedule a free 30 minute discovery call.  Using Helium 10 I will demonstrate how to review your products, and competitor products, to discover and learn of opportunities in your category.

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Hourly Contracts: You set the budget by selecting the number of hours per month you want me to work on your account.

I work with brands that hire me for 20-25 hours/month and some that hire me for 80 hours/month.

(Like all agencies, some work is performed by my team under my direction)

(Minimum # of hours billed per month is 15)

(No monthly contract = $75/hour for on demand work)


$40/hr Plus Commission on monthly sales:

  • 2% of retail sales on first $25k

  • Growth based commission on sales over $25k/month

    • 5% commission on first $25k increase only, then much lower commission on anything more

    • + 2.5% commission on increase b/w $25k-50k

    • + 1% commission on increase b/w $50k-100k

    • + 0.5% commission on increase over $100k

Monthly Hourly Contracts Include:

  • Hands on, in the trenches type of work, with you or for you.  Dan can do, and has done, just about everything on Amazon.

  • ***Includes 50% discount on A La Carte graphic design work below.

  • ***Accounts needing less than 20 hours or more than 80 hours per month requires account analysis to determine rates



Hand us the keys and let us go to work on your whole account.

  • Search Engine / Listing Optimization 

  • Images, InfographicsA+ and Storefront graphic design

  •  Advertising with human interaction

  • Inventory Forecasting

  • Reimbursements

  • DanAlytics, Competitor / Product Research

  • Catalog Case Work, and more. 

Image by Louis Hansel

A La Carte

We offer A La Carte pricing for optimizing every part of your listing and storefront. See below for specific pricing and reach out to Dan for a call to discuss further.

  • Images & Infographics

  • SEO and Listing Content

  • A+ Content/Enhanced Brand Content

  • Premium A+ 

  • Storefront Pages

A La Carte pricing

Images and Infographics = $750

  • Up to 7 images/infographics using existing assets 

Listing optimization =$750

  • Titles, Bullets, Description, and backend Search Terms 

  • Other variations = $200* (need to discuss on a case-by-case basis)

  • Includes Helium 10 Keyword research you can use for advertising

    • Interested in Helium 10's other features?  Ask me for a discount code.​

Standard A+ = $1150 

  • Includes Graphic Design & Copy 

  • Important to have lots of SEO rich written content in all A+ for the customer and the Amazon Algorithm


Full Listing Bundle for All Above = $225

Premium A+ = $3950

  • Includes Graphic Design and Copy

Storefront = $1750 per page

  • Includes Graphic Design and Copy

Other Hourly Services

  • Advertising Only Management: $65/hr + .5% of growth by month compared to previous year.

  • Hourly Coaching Calls: $100/hr

  • Website Management and Marketing: $75/hr

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