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What can we do for you?

Let us put our experience to work for you.  We are very hands on and will help you handle all of the complexities Amazon and website marketing can throw at you.

In addition to all of the detailed services provided below for Amazon specifically, Dan has 13 years of experience working with and advising brands in the outdoor industry.  From business development to product development, promotional and pricing programs for dealers, and market research and implementation for direct to consumer sales.  Please reach out to discuss your needs.

  ***References from past and present clients available upon request.




You need a great product for it to sell, but it won't sell itself.  We utilize in depth keyword research and "DanAlytics" to get your products to the top of page one for as many search terms as possible.  Dan doesn't use artificial intelligence to make keyword optimizations.  You get proven, human experience.  Dan manages hundreds of thousands of dollars in ad spend every month.

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Coaching and Consulting

Looking to learn yourself? Dan loves teaching people how to fish and that's exactly what he does. We can set up weekly calls with your staff to answer any questions and share our experiences.  All meant to help you learn best practices.  Or one time calls for one time questions.


SEO Keyword Research and Implementation

We'll research the best search terms for the product and brand using the latest tools.  Then we'll implement these search terms in ways that impress the Amazon Algorithm.  In coordination with our advertising efforts, this will help get your products ranked at the top of page 1 of search results for as many search terms as possible.


A+ Content

Your product detail page and A+ content are the key to increasing conversion rate and building brand strength.  Take advantage of the specialized tools available to you as a brand owner.  A+ is an increased value and important feature for not only graphic design but also SEO search term optimization.


Storefront Design

Your storefront is the key to building Brand strength on Amazon.  Tell your brand story and showcase your top products on organized pages dedicated to your different categories and products.

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Digital Marketing

All your omnichannel needs, from emails to social, paid media, Google PPC, video, content, copywriting and more.

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